Property Management Software: Why You Need It

property management softwareToday property managers in many locations benefit clients through the use of sophisticated property management software. As advances in computer technology improve theefficiency of businesses, property managers in greater numbers have developed an awareness of the importance of software products in helping them serve customers.

Computerizing aspects of managing real estate frees management firm personnel to offer personal attention to clients and tenants. Some of the advantages offered by software tools include enhanced efficiency, improved records storage capacity, faster responses to tenant concerns and greater mobility for property managers.

Enhanced Efficiency

One of the chief benefits furnished by software management tools involves the enhanced efficiency produced by automating routine processes. For instance, by using the software, property managers can permit tenants to pay rent quickly and easily over the Internet, instead of expending company resources processing mailed and hand-delivered payments. The management firm also automates other routine functions through the use of software, and can obtain deadline notifications in advance about important regularly scheduled property maintenance issues, for instance. Many programs help automate the process of advertising vacancies, as well.

Improved Records Storage

A comprehensive property management software program also offers managers the ability to effortlessly store communications about issues involving specific real estate addresses in a central, easily retrieved location. It reduces the company’s on-site storage requirements and affords the ability to retrieve vital documents, such as tenant applications, effortlessly. In some cases, property management firms must possess the ability to consult records rapidly; modern software tools assist this goal.

Faster Responses to Tenant Concerns

Many professional property managers also appreciate the software’s ability to provide immediate notification about tenant concerns, on an around-the-clock basis. A tenant can alert the management company to issues such as a clogged sink or a malfunctioning air conditioning unit at any hour of the day or night, simply by going online and reporting the matter. This enables a rapid, attentive response on the part of the management company. The prompt, well documented, notification process ensures that tenant communications won’t get lost in the press of other business. Both occupancy rates and tenant benefit.

Greater Mobility

Property managers appreciate the ability of software property management tools to permit greater mobility. Many of these programs will function via smart phones, tablets or other portable platforms, allowing managers to unchain themselves from office desks and stationary computers to a far greater extent than previous generations could have imagined. Today, a fully automated property management firm can expect managers to possess the time freedom to conduct business from remote locations. This development also holds great benefits for clients and tenants. A manager can devote more time to showing vacant property, without worrying that time expended obtaining new tenants will create a backlog of missed communications.

Greater Peace of Mind

All of these advantages translate into greater peace of mind for conscientious property managers. On a day to day basis, real estate management often involves considerable stress. Attending to the demands of clients concerned about vacancies or resolving tenant complaints about community issues sometimes takes a high toll. Software management programs provide a way to eliminate the pressures stemming from missing deadlines, lost paperwork, and overlooked communications. These tools enable the company’s operations to function more smoothly. The improved performance in turn can result in greater happiness at work and fewer employee turnover issues.


As the virtues of automated property management tools gain wider acceptance, it seems likely that upgrades will continue to improve this type of computerized tool. Already, some industry leaders in the property management field have embraced this technology. For example, Coast and Valley Properties, Inc of Salina, California, one of the leading sources for property management services in California, relies on a property management services software program called Appfolio as one way to better serve the firm’s clients.

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