property-management-company-happy-rentersOne of the reasons that you hired a property management firm was to streamline the process of maintaining your property and keeping good tenants. You also want the firm to make it easier for desirable tenants to express an interest in setting up a home in one of those properties. There are some simple ways that the property manager can attract good residents to create an environment that makes your properties stand out, and ensure you are never waiting for responsible tenants to fill those units.

Recognition of Great Tenants

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and your tenants are no different. While the expectation is that everyone will abide by the terms of the lease and pay the rent on time, it never hurts to acknowledge milestones in the relationship. For example, your property manager could make it a point to recognize a tenant who has called the apartment home for a total of five years. To help celebrate the anniversary, something as simple as a gift card to a local restaurant motivates tenants to tell others about how nicely they are treated. Good word of mouth will certainly attract the kind of tenants you want.

Offering Incentives

Another point to consider is offering incentives that save tenants money. While the typical route is for the tenant to tender monthly rent payments, what about offering a small percentage off the rent if he or she chooses to pay in advance for three to six months? After all, paying that amount of rent in advance puts more money in your pocket to use today. Giving a small break on the rent for paying in advance will also mean the tenant gets to keep a little more money and use it for something he or she would like.

General Up keep of the Properties

Tenants like to live in pleasant surroundings. A property manager can never go wrong by making sure the lawn is manicured, the shrubs are trimmed, and the exteriors of the buildings are kept clean. Before calling to see a vacant apartment, many people will conduct a drive-by inspection. If they get the impression that the property is not kept up properly, they are likely to turn their attention to other complexes in the area.

Quick Response to Tenant Concerns and Queries

No one likes to feel ignored. That is exactly what happens when a tenant reports a leaky faucet or a damaged window and the property manager takes days to respond. Acknowledging the report quickly and setting expectations for resolving the issue says a great deal about whether tenants are actually valued. A tenant who is convinced the property manager is doing everything possible to settle the matter quickly will be much more likely to speak highly of the firm and the owner.

Provide Parking for Each Unit

There may be a parking area for the building, but there is nothing to stop people from taking up spaces the tenants need. Choosing to invest in a little paint and setting aside one or two spaces for each unit will cut down on the confusion. To further help keep the peace, set aside several spaces for visitor parking. Tenants who know they have parking spaces set aside for their exclusive use will certainly feel warmer toward the property manager and the owner.

These are only a few of the ways to keep current tenants happy while projecting an image that attract new tenants when a unit is available. In the best case scenario, the current tenants will want to remain in place for many years, and the reputation of the complex will result in a waiting list that will quickly fill any vacancies that do occur. Remember that little things do mean a lot in terms of building the right type of standing in the community, and in attracting people who are responsible and do pay their bills on time.

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