Five Ways Property Managers Help Homeowners

Five Ways Property Manager Help HomeownersA property manager can provide tremendous support to homeowners who own one or more rental properties. A quality, professional property manager can improve resident satisfaction and assist homeowners in the business of rental property. Anyone still not convinced that property management is a necessary part of a homeowner’s team should consider these five ways property manager help homeowners.

1. Professional and Objective Tenants Management

Property manages can greatly help owners in searching for and identifying good tenants or in evicting bad tenants. A quality property manager will have a strong background and knowledge in fair housing policies and the legal issues involved in renting. Also, a property manager gives the appearance of fair and objective property management. Homes can have sentimental value to the homeowner, but a property manager can be more objective in the management of the home.

2. Simplify Rent Payment Collection

A property manager can assist homeowners and tenants in the collection and management of rent money. They can help homeowners implement an electronic system for collecting and keeping up with records. This will help home owners as they figure out their taxes each year.

3. Handle Maintenance Requests

A skilled property manager will have connections to plumbers, painters, carpenters, electricians, and other property maintenance services. These connections will ensure that when a tenant reports a problem, the manager can quickly and efficiently assess the issue, determine if the damage is wear and tear or caused by the tenant, and contact the appropriate service. A good property manager will also be able to effectively save you money on these services based on the relationships they have built with these maintenance companies.

Property managers can also assist homeowners in keeping records on each maintenance request and the billing information. This organization and management is important for the upkeep of the property, and for determining if a rental deposit should be returned in the event that the tenant caused a lot of damage. This documentation of maintenance requests and services completed can be used as support in the event that a tenant challenges the rationale for the denial of his or her deposit.

4. Freedom

A property manager allows homeowners to have the benefits of owning rental property, like a diverse portfolio and a stream of revenue without having to give up their lives. A qualified property manager can be trusted to take care of the homeowners property, to find and retain good tenants, and to help the homeowner make the most of his or her investment by maintaining the value of the property through regular maintenance. The ability to trust a skilled property manager means that a homeowner doesn’t have to change his or her plans because of a water leak or other emergency. Instead , the homeowner can rely on the property manager to handle the situation and maintain a report for the homeowner to review at his or her leisure.

5. Reduce Stress

Managing one home is difficult enough, but a homeowner with multiple properties to care for including his or personal residence can get burned out easily. The property manager can help reduce a homeowner’s stress by handling a bulk of the responsibility in maintaining a rental property. From finding quality tenants to annual property maintenance to collecting rent, a property manager can greatly reduce the stress of a homeowner.

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