Commercial Property Management Services SalinasWhen it is time to move to a bigger building or a better business location, most owners look to the classifieds. There is a much easier and more efficient option, and that is hiring a property manager to find the right commercial property. Why? Here are a few reasons why property managers are a better choice.

Property managers save time. Spending hours combing through classifieds, visiting properties that are not right, places that have just been sold and trying to make arrangements with sellers can take away valuable time.Property managers ask questions about what type of property is being sought and then take on the task of finding and verifying availability of optimal properties.

Property managers save money. Since property managers have more professional connections, they can find the best deals. Whether business owners have a limited or open budget, a property manager can find the best possible deal and the right property.

Property managers offer experience and knowledge. Property managers deal with problems frequently, so they are able to identify buildings with issues that a client may find unacceptable or be unwilling to deal with. They are also knowledgeable about limitations for some areas or buildings. For example, a spa owner may not know that a specific area being considered is much noisier than a slightly more expensive area. If the spa is trying to sell a tranquil environment, the slightly more expensive property would be a better investment over time. This is just one example of the many things property managers think of when matching buyers up with the right commercial property.

Now that the benefits of hiring a property manager have been established, it is important to know what to look for in a commercial property.

Future Growth
Consider the expected future growth of the business. Since the value of real estate can fluctuate, plan to keep a building for several years. Use the past and current growth rate of the business to make a fair determination.

This is one of the most important issues to consider. The business should be located in an area it will be easy to access, and it should be located in an area that is convenient for the target customer or client base.

Building Condition
Be sure to consider the property’s condition. Ask about any existing hazards or issues that will need to be addressed.

Existing Equipment
In some types of businesses, equipment or other fixtures are left behind. If they are going to be relied upon for operation, be sure to obtain copies of lease, purchase, warranty and repair paperwork.

The relocation of the business within a specific city is an important consideration, but sometimes it is better to move to another city. Some counties and cities are better for business, and that is becoming an increasingly important detail in California. Monterey County is growing in popularity, and these are some of the top reasons why:

– Companies willing to use green energy will find extra help in relocating.
– Businesses in Monterey County work together to retain and attract new ones.
– There is a diverse work force, and about 50 percent of residents work for private businesses.
– Future job growth for Monterey County is expected to be over 30 percent.
– Salinas, a city in Monterey County, was raked at 196 of the top US cities for business growth by Forbes Magazine.
– Monterey County has the third largest growth rate in the state of California for agriculture.

Located along the Pacific coastline, Monterey County features a diverse range of industries. This guide covers just a few of the reasons to hire a property manager for commercial real estate shopping. Making a wise purchase is critical for future growth and success, so enlist the help of a property manager before starting the process.

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