Property owners take pride in their rental units, however, it frequently becomes quite overwhelming to be a full-time landlord. There are some complex maintenance and upkeep issues necessitating attention, and basic maintenance could be inadvertently overlooked completely. For property owners in Monterey County, it makes good sense for them to check out property management firms in their area.  Their host of professional services saves their clients time and money. They will screen the applicants in-house for the leasing of your property, and they will expertly handle the day to day management of your property.

Benefits Of Using A Professional Property Management Company

There are many good reasons to utilize the services of a reliable firm with an experienced staff. They will keep track of lease expirations, insurance renewals, rental payments, vendor negotiations, leasing up the units, and much more. The property owner will enjoy the benefit of having a trusted partner that will oversee all aspects of their property. Additional benefits include:

• Less Stress

When managing a residential unit, the relationship is one on one with the tenant. There could be an issue of repair, routine maintenance, neighbor disputes, rent increases, lease renewals, and so on. The property manager will now be the one to deal directly with the tenant, so the owner will not have to do so.

• Less Paperwork

In dealings with a tenant, it is best to communicate notices or other important matters in writing.  The property manager directly handles all transactions with tenants.

• Resolution of Maintenance Issues

Tasks, like assessing the damage, finding a contractor, gaining access to the apartment to make the repair, and following up all, takes time. When you hire a management company, they have all of the necessary contractors in place, and they will make the arrangements directly with the tenant so you don’t have to worry. The fact that they work with the contractor regularly will save an owner money on the work as well.

• Less Bookkeeping

The management company keeps track of the bills for repairs, taxes, insurance, mortgage, and common area utilities. They will thoroughly review the bills for accuracy prior to payment. No more overpayments, late payments, or missed payments. The company provides thorough reporting to all of their clients. There is a portal for owners on their website so that they can be regularly kept up to date. The company utilizes the latest technology for property management reporting and to remain in complete compliance.

Simplify The Rental Process

The timely rental of your property will increase your rental income. Conversely, if a unit sits vacant for any long length of time, that will result in lost rent. A professional leasing consultant will handle the entire process for you and will strive to minimize any lost rent. They are area experts, and they know their market well. Rental properties receive inspections upon your tenant’s move out to assess its condition. The management company will then promptly arrange to have the unit prepped and made ready. All of the advertising and marketing efforts will be put into place promptly and professionally.

When a prospective tenant submits an application, a thorough financial check and credit screening will begin. Furthermore, the leasing consultant will gather all of the required paperwork. This will include a completed, signed rental application, income verification, employment verification, photo ID, proof of address, etc. The information received on the signed application will be verified as they conduct the tenant screening process. Property management firms perform the tenant screening in-house.

The credit report is another major factor in the screening process. The importance of a credit report cannot be overemphasized. The higher the score, the stronger an applicant’s financial background and payment history. The management company will also perform a thorough check of the applicant’s rental history.  The goal is to find the most qualified tenants for your property. This helps to avoid the headaches of any nonpayment issues down the road. The management company takes the tenant screening process very seriously, and they will do their best so that every applicant is thoroughly vetted prior to approval and move in.

The Choice For “Headache-Free” Property Management

Integrity, industry experience, and full service are what the client can expect when they select the management firm to manage their property. They will treat your property as if it is their own. The committed staff provides the best quality of service at all times. They manage both residential and commercial properties. Most noteworthy, they will provide every property owner with the peace of mind of knowing that every property they manage is their #1 priority.

Coast & Valley Properties is a full-service property management company serving the entire Monterey County providing unparalleled service of diverse rental properties, as well as homeowner association management.