The modern renter’s main concern when looking at properties is not typically size anymore. Instead, they want to find a property that offers them the widest range of services available. Property management services are starting to notice this trend, so they are moving to offer all sorts of perks to renters. If you want to remain competitive in the modern real estate market, you need to make sure your rental property includes at least one of these amenities.

Rental Property



The biggest amenity most renters request is simply practical items that make their home life easier. Things like air conditioning, in-unit laundry, dishwashers, and central heat are some of the most essential things that property management services should offer. Though they are not offered by law, many renters will think twice about picking a place without any of these amenities. Installing most of these appliances is fairly cheap, and renters are willing to pay a premium to cut back on chores and increase comfort at home. Though technically amenities, many of these are still considered necessities instead of a nice bonus. If possible, aim for matching amenities in a stainless steel or neutral color finish, since these give the place a modern touch.


Outdoor Space

Most renters fear getting stuck with a place where there is absolutely no room to go outside. Even a small balcony greatly boosts the appeal of a property, and an entire yard is a huge bonus for renters. Just having outdoor space is great, but remember that you are more likely to generate interest when you can help potential renters imagine how they would use the space. Installing fire pits, grills, or sports courts encourages people viewing the property to picture themselves relaxing outside. Adding some bright flowers, privacy shrubs, and other landscaping for a rental outdoor space can further enhance an outdoor space.


Secure Rental Property Options

Surprisingly, gated access was the top amenity in Apartment Guide’s survey of what renters want. Modern renters are mostly practical, and they want to feel safe in their own home. The biggest way to do this is to ensure your property is in a gated community. Some other common security amenities that people desire are automatic locking doors in resident-only buildings and security cameras in parking areas. Being able to offer high-tech options like apps that control door locks is a bonus, but not always a requirement.


Convenient Mail Retrieval

The big trend of modern shopping has greatly changed how renters feel about their home’s mail system. Most renters agree they dislike the idea of having to travel a long distance to get a package or have to wait for business hours to retrieve a package from their rental management office. Having a secure and easily accessible mailbox makes things far more convenient for tenants. Consider adding a package locker nearby to make online purchase receiving even easier.


Pet Friendly Spaces

More and more renters have pets these days. They can be a big hassle for property management, but making spaces friendly for pets is still advisable. Those wanting to cut back on damage may want to consider only allowing animals under a certain weight and charging a hefty pet deposit. Just allowing pets makes a rental property far more appealing to renters, but an even bigger perk is actively making the space pet friendly. Offer a fenced in area where dogs can run around to make dog owners fight over your property. Select floors like tile or wood-look vinyl that is easy to clean, so you and the owners do not have to worry about pets making a mess.


Built In Storage

Most renters are looking for convenience and comfort, and built-in storage space is a big bonus. Things like walk-in closets, adequate kitchen cabinetry, and big bathroom vanities are always a plus. They allow renters to tidily store away belongings without having to purchase bulky wardrobes and credenzas that are a pain to move in and out of areas. If you do not currently have this type of storage, consider adding it. Most renters would prefer slightly smaller bedrooms in exchange for additional storage room. It can easily be added without having to make structural changes, so it is definitely worth considering this alteration.


Regular Maintenance and Fast Repairs

Good service from you or a property management provider is the final key amenity that renters want. People want to feel like they are getting a functional, well-maintained home for their rent payment, so be sure to fix everything up before showing it to renters. Being courteous and replying to renters as promptly as possible also helps give the impression that you will be prompt about dealing with repairs. No renter wants to get stuck in a lease for a property where things break down and are never fixed. Having a repair policy in place that ensures repairs are handled in a timely manner will help reassure renters.


By offering these amenities, you can make sure that your rental property stands out and attracts the best possible renters. In addition to helping you find good renters for your property, amenities can also justify a higher rent or explain a rent increase , providing you with a better profit. If you still are not sure of what amenities your property could use, consider consulting with a property management company for more help.