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Tenants, just like customers in any company, are an essential part of the business. Rentals have had a steady growth rate in the Monterey County. Property owners have also enjoyed a relatively low vacancy rate of about 4.5 percent. In such an environment, it pays to be a good property owner and provide them with an excellent renting experience. How can you do that? Well, read on to discover some of the things that tenants treasure.

Maintain All Amenities

Maintained units will lead to modest utility bills. Poorly serviced faucets and taps can escalate your water bill. A neglected HVAC system is likely to gallop more on fuel. Tenants want to keep their charges to the minimum. If you allow essential amenities such as ACs and water systems to go unattended, you will affect the life of the tenant financially.

He or she will have to pay more to stay in your premises. He may choose to go elsewhere. Ensure that all scheduled maintenance and inspections are on time. Failure to do that will lead to expensive replacements for you as an owner.

Ensure That Your Tenants Are Screened Fully

Screening is part of rental property management. Proper tenant screening has many advantages:

  • Tenants can be confident that their neighbors are decent people
  • You will reduce the turnover rate
  • Reduce evictions

It benefits everyone to do proper screening of tenants. Poor screening methods will always complicate rental property management. Would you feel secure in a premise where the property manager evicts a tenant now and then? You will feel insecure. Worse still, you will feel as if you are in the wrong neighborhood.

Incorporate Regular Feedback

Customers today are exposed; they have channels where they can voice concerns about residential property management. In the past, unless someone was making a complaint through the housing court, he or she did not go further than uttering a few swearing words.

Today, a frustrated customer will leave a review of your premises online. A single review can change your units from good to mediocre. Make sure that the tenant can trust you with their feedback. If you incorporate input, they will share with you their concerns. You will have an opportunity to rectify where possible.

Incorporate Technology When It Comes to Payments

The digital landscape is making payments easy. Digital payment methods such as online and mobile payments can streamline rent payments. This will simplify the work of the property manager and the tenant. They can pay wherever they are. It is a common benefit in property management in Monterey County.

Know When to Repair and When to Replace

Two to three repairs for the same issue should be an alarm. The tenant will not be patient enough to keep asking for adjustments on the same item. It is up to you and the property manager to know when enough is enough. Two to three repairs within the same quarter tell you to replace some parts.

Have a Rental Policy

Before a tenant signs the tenancy agreement, ensure they have read and understood the rental policy documents. If you don’t have one, you should get one ASAP. Ensure you have put things such as interactions between the property manager and the tenant, payment dates, pet policy, tenant-to-tenant communications, noise, drugs policy, and so on. Make it as detailed as possible. Take a side in the debate about family-friendly units, pet-friendly apartments, and so on.

Keep the Property Clean

Tenants will want an organized property owner who provides ways to dispose of trash and other effluents. Cleaning of staircases and communal areas is also mandatory if you want the unit to look appealing.

Dirty rental premises signify low returns on rental investment. The tenant will feel shortchanged if he or she has to deal with dirt and resultant smells inside a property they pay for. A dirty property is also a health risk.

Be Transparent

Any relationship depends on clear lines of communication. If you have a problem with something, let the tenant know on time. If you cannot make a certain repair on time, notify the tenant. Make promises that you can keep. If you plan to make renovations, unless you are sure about it, there is no need of telling tenants.

Ensure That Your Tenants Have a Qualified Property Manager

Most of the time you may not be there to manage your property. It means you will depend on a property manager to do most of the things within the premise. Having a qualified property manager can make a huge difference. This is because you will depend on him or her to:

  • Market your unit
  • Screen tenants
  • Maintain tenancy paperwork
  • Collect rent deposit and security
  • Collect rent
  • Handle tenant concerns
  • Maintain the property

Well, if you don’t invest in the best agent in the market, how will they do all these things in your absence? It is up to you to get a person who is personable and decisive. Sometimes evictions are necessary, will he or she handle it in a way that does not blow back to you? Tenants want someone they can rely on to maintain order in the facility. Ensure you give them that.


If you get a good property management company, you can minimize the trouble that comes with day-to-day rental management. However, not every property management in Monterey County company deserves your nod. Ensure that you painstakingly scrutinize them before hiring.

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