7 Apartment Management Tips to Attract Quality Tenants (From a Seasoned Property Management Company)

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An apartment management company can maintain a high occupancy rate in a wide number of ways, ranging from fair policies and pricing to providing quick maintenance and customer satisfaction. Assuming that these basics are in place, here are seven ways apartment management staff can attract the best tenants.

7 Apartment Management Tips

1. Offer Realistic Property Rental Pricing

For the most part, property rental pricing is not an exact science. There are many factors that come into play that can affect how much property management services should charge for rent.

Pricing is one of the most important factors when it comes to finding the right tenant. It can be difficult to determine what the right price would be, but research has shown that properties that are priced too low or too high have a higher risk of not being rented out at all.

If you set your price too high, you will have to wait for months before someone decides to take it off your hands and if you set your price too low, you may get more foot traffic but have fewer people willing to rent because they think it’s overpriced.

For example, in apartment property management in Salinas, it is easy for property management services to attract high-quality tenants and have close to full occupancy because not only are the apartments attractive and well-maintained but the price, too, is realistic, within the target range of what people in Salinas expect to pay.

2. Apartment Management Should Provide Customer Satisfaction

From a business perspective, a tenant is a customer. In fact, according to an experienced luxury property manager, customers, like the guests at The Ritz, may not always be right, but they are still customers.

Property managers should treat a new resident like a customer who pays the rent and not just like someone they see once a month to collect money.

A happy tenant is one who will always pay on time, keep up with their end of the lease agreement, and be willing to work out any disputes they may have with neighbors or the property management company in a reasonable manner. In return, property managers should do everything possible to make sure that their tenants are as content as possible.

They should provide excellent customer service that exceeds their residents’ expectations. It’s not enough to simply pay lip service to the value of keeping tenants happy. Providing excellent customer service does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as inspecting the air conditioning unit and smoke detectors in preparation for renting a property in summer. It can also be as simple as listening to their needs and fixing maintenance issues.

3. Create a Marketing Campaign to Attract Tenants

Marketing campaigns are a great way for property management companies to attract tenants. They are important because they help the company make its brand known to potential tenants. Marketing campaigns help the company create a relationship with potential clients.

Property management services have been utilizing marketing campaigns for years now in order to attract more tenants. This is because marketing can be a very valuable tool in today’s competitive market.

Keeping the right tenants happy is all about living up to promises made during a marketing campaign. For instance, if advertising promises an apartment with attentive and knowledgeable staff, then apartment managers need to groom their teams to live up to this reputation.

Customer satisfaction combined with word-of-mouth advertising will help keep any business in any market thriving.

4. Respond as Quickly as Possible to Maintenance Requests

Property management companies often need to respond to maintenance requests at a moment’s notice. This gets more complicated when they have multiple properties, and a request comes in for one property, but the apartment manager is dealing with another property. It can be hard to keep up with all the requests, so it’s important for these companies to develop a system to respond as quickly as possible.

If a request is made and not responded to quickly enough, it may be necessary to schedule emergency repairs and this will cost more money than it would have if the manager had responded quicker. It’s also important that apartment managers know about any problems before they become an issue of their own accord.

5. Landscape and Improve the Property Grounds

Landscaping can be a great way to increase the curb appeal of a property. It can also help with attracting attention by making the property more desirable for potential tenants.

Property management companies should be taking advantage of this trend by investing in landscaping. There are many options available to them, including ground cover and trees. They should also be doing more with the outdoor space to give the residents some scenic beauty.

6. Make It Easy for Tenants to Find Their Apartments Online

This is a great way to increase the chances of your property being rented out. This will also keep tenants from walking around and just looking for properties, which takes time and effort.

Ultimately, it will help the tenant find what they need more easily without the headaches of having to go through a lot of listings that don’t apply to them. It’s important for property management companies to have an online presence because it’s so easy for tenants to search on various websites and apps.

7. Offer Luxury Amenities for Tenants

Property management companies should offer luxury amenities for their tenants in order to stand out from the competition. The presence of these amenities not only provides a sense of luxury and comfort but also attracts higher-end tenants.

Offering luxury amenities not only makes the tenant’s stay more enjoyable but will also increase their chance of retaining a tenant. These amenities could be a pool, large-screen room, clubhouse, library, or gym. Many apartments in New York City offer an impressive number of amenities to improve their occupancy levels.


With the increase in people looking to rent apartments, it is essential for apartment management staff to build excellent relationships with their tenants. They should be able to work together in order to get rid of any problems that may arise. This way, they will also be able to create a sense of rapport with tenants.

One way that apartment management staff can build relationships with their tenant base is by being accommodating and understanding when there are complications in the rental process. They should always try their best to find solutions that would make all parties involved satisfied and avoid any unnecessary tension.