Ten Ways to Prepare Your Rental Property for Summer

Summer is one of the busiest periods in the real estate market. At this time, new graduates join the workforce. Some students move to different cities for internships, and families also consider relocating when kids are out of school. As a landlord, you need to prepare your rental property to attract new tenants and even maintain the current ones. Here are various tips to help you prepare your rentals for the summer rush.

1. Inspect the Air Conditioning Unit

During summer, sometimes the heat can be very unbearable. Most tenants, therefore, appreciate a well-functioning air conditioning unit in their houses. Start by changing the filters, usually located along the return duct. Note that a dirty filter restricts airflow and can lead to the accumulation of hot air into the house.

Next, you need to have a professional clean the air conditioner coils and empty the condenser drain. Also, trim bushes and clear off any debris from the outside unit to prevent clogging the system.

Maintaining cooling systems can reduce energy use by as much as 50% which will keep your tenants happy and comfortable. If you have an AC older than 15 years, consider replacing it to avoid a frustrating breakdown in the middle of the season.

2. Test the Smoke Detectors

According to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation, any rental property owner must install smoke alarms or detection systems. If your rental property is in areas prone to fires, regularly inspect the smoke alarms to ensure that they are in working conditions. Check and change the batteries to extend their useful life and improve your property’s security.

3. Perform Yard Maintenance

Well-maintained outdoor spaces are among the top amenities that attract renters into your property. During summer most people enjoy spending time outside. Therefore, Salinas landlords should consider adding tables and chairs in the backyard to make the house more appealing.

Plant fresh flowers, trim the shrubs, and mow the lawn. Check the sprinklers and ensure that they are in working conditions so that the outdoor plant won’t dry.

4. Insulate the Rental Property

Insulation helps boost the energy efficiency of your rental property. Note that air conditioning is one of the most energy-consuming appliances. In case of leaks, cracks, and holes in your property, the cooled air may seep out. Thus, the unit will have to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature. It results in high electricity bills that can frustrate your tenants. To avoid this, caulk or weatherstrip the windows and doors. Remember also to seal off any gaps on the roof, floor, or walls.

5. Clean the Ductwork

Look through the duct for excess dust or mold signs. If there are any, it’s essential to call a professional to clear out molds and eliminate irritants that can put off tenants. Duct cleaning removes pests’ breeding grounds on your property. It also helps cut costs through improved airflow.

6. Prepare Outside Amenities

Summertime calls for entertainment in the outdoor spaces. Therefore Salinas landlords should provide functioning features to the tenants. If you are responsible for cleaning the pool per the rental agreement, do it in time. On the other hand, if the pool has an inbuilt cleaning mechanism, ensure that you instruct the tenants on using it. The pool should also meet all the safety measures like correct fencing and signage.

Other outdoor amenities like grills and fire pits will make your property stand out from others. Such facilities will also give you an added advantage during property rental pricing.

7. Perform Some General Repairs

Make prompt repairs upon request. Also, go through your rental property, check and fix any broken electrical outlets, a leaking roof, or clogged gutters. Ensure that all fittings are in the right conditions and replace any damaged furniture.

Additionally, fix any broken toilets or any other leaks in your plumbing system. Refer to your lease agreement and ask your tenants to make some repairs, for instance, replace damaged window screens.

8. Inspect the Basement And Attic

Sometimes, during winter or spring, your attic and basement can accumulate high moisture levels. As a result, it leads to mold growth, and the moisture can also compromise your property’s structural integrity.

It’s easy to neglect such areas since they remain unused most of the time. Therefore, inspect them for water damage or excess moisture to improve tenants’ comfort and eliminate expensive repairs.

9. Prepare for Pests

The warm summer temperatures may attract bugs into your rental property. Watch out for ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, or other critters. You can keep them out by adequately sealing your doors and windows. Remember that any negative review can affect your property’s popularity in the future.

You can use pesticides on your laws or insecticides within your property to stop pest breeding before becoming a significant issue. You can also advise the tenants on the best way to handle ants if they gain entry into the house. Remember to demolish wasp nests in your compound.

10. Ensure Overall Property Maintenance

If you have multiple rental properties, it’s a good idea that you seek help from property management companies. They will maintain your houses in the right conditions throughout, which preserves the value of your property. A professionally maintained house will also attract tenants quickly.

Additionally, by hiring property management services, you won’t have to deal with late emergency calls, evictions, or other time-consuming tasks. Such companies also screen your tenants thoroughly. Hence you will attract renters who pay on time, cause less property damage and fewer problems.

With such assistance, you can focus more on expanding your business. The property maintenance company can also advise you on the right investment based on your portfolio since they have a better knowledge of the industry.


You can prepare your rentals for the summer season by cleaning up and making some simple adjustments as outlined above. There is a projected rise for rental properties during the summer season. Failure to capitalize on such an opportunity could cost you considerably. Also, the competition between property owners is on the rise, and you need to maintain your houses in the best possible conditions to stand out. If it seems somewhat complicated, you can always seek help from a property management company.